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Hot Keys

  • Ctrl + Q - Repeat last sent message
  • Alt + I - Open Inventory
  • Alt + P - Open Paperdoll
  • Alt + J - Open Journal
  • Alt + R - Open the Radar or change Radar size
  • Alt + T - Open Chat
  • Alt + K - Open Skills
  • Alt + C - Toggle Combat On or Off
  • Alt + X - Log Off
  • Alt + O - Options


The UI of First Dawn is generally the same as a modern UO client only with some unnecessary options removed.
The Paperdoll has had un-nessecary buttons removed but still functions the same.

  • Equip Armor, Clothing and Weapons by dragging it onto the paperdoll, or drag it off to remove.
  • The boxes to the left are for gear such as Helmets or Gorgets.
  • The two scrolls are for Account age (Left) and Party management (Right)
  • Log out will return you to the log-in screen.
  • Skills will display a windows with all the skills and how much you have trained in each.
  • The Peace button toggles Combat mode on and off.
  • Status brings up a statistics bar of your character

Health Bars

You can click and drag a NPC or Player to display their Health Bar

  • H is current Health
  • M is current Mana
  • F is current Fatigue/Stamina

The health bar may change depending on certain states a Player or NPC is currently in.

Immortal (Cannot be attacked)
NPC Bars may have different colors depending on their relation to the player. Friendly


Options in First Dawn are enabled by pressing the keys ALT + O in game.

The options are sorted into tabs

  • Sound and Music
  • Pop-up Help
  • Chat
  • Macro Options
  • Interface
  • Display
  • Reputation System
  • Miscellaneous
  • Filter Options


Circle of transparency under Miscellaneous is used to add a circle around your character to see items behind walls.
The color of your text can be changed under Display by scrolling down and changing the Speech color box.