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7FE6Kzx.pngWood Logs.pngBoards.png

Wood is harvested from using an axe Hatchet.png to chop down trees and making logs into Boards for crafting.
There are 3 types of trees

  • Magnolia

Walnut Tree.png
Magnolia trees cannot be chopped down.

  • Willow

Willow Tree.png

  • Oak

Oak Tree.png

  • Your Harvesting Skill determines how many logs will drop per attempt.
  • Oak and Willow trees can be chopped down if blocking Housing placement.

See Furniture or Weapons to see what can be crafted with Wood

Cloth.png Cloth & Leather

Cloth is the main resource for Tailoring.
Cloth is made by harvesting (Double-Clicking) Cotton plants Cotton.png, there are 2 fields of Cotton to harvest from.
Britain Cotton.pngCottonFieldRabbits.png

  • Output fta7UY.gif
    Use the Cotton on a Spinning Wheel to get 6 Spools of thread Spools.png .

  • Loom.png
    Use 5 Spools of thread on an upright loom to get one bolt of cloth Bolt of cloth.png .

  • Use scissors Scissors.png on the bolt of cloth to get 10 yards of folded cloth Cloth.png .

See Clothing or Bandages for items you can make with Cloth

Ore.png Ore & Ingots Ingots.png

Ore is used to craft Ingots which are the main resource of Blacksmithy.
Gathering Ore is done by using a PickaxePickaxe.png on rocks around the world, the higher your Mining skill the more Ore you will receive.
Once you gather some Ore Ore.png take it to a nearby Forge Forge.png and smelt it, depending on your Mining skill you will smelt the ore into ingots Ingots.png . One large pile of Ore creates 2 Ingots.

Stone.png Rocks/Stone

Rocks(stone) is used to harvest iron ore. That is later turned into iron ingots. see section above.
Rocks are scattered throughout the world. Often in groups, or single spawn. To harvest rocks you must double-click your pickaxe, then target a rock within 2 tiles of your current location. You will begin mining the rock. Depending on your mining skill, you will successfully harvest iron ore.


Flowers are a main resource of Alchemy and a resource used to create Dyes with Tailoring.
To harvest Flowers Double-Click a blade such as a SwordBroadsword.png and target the flowers.
There are 10 Types of flowers

  • Foxglove.pngFoxglove
  • Campion.pngCampion
  • Poppies.pngPoppies
  • Orfluer.pngOrfluer
  • Snowdrop.pngSnowdrop
  • Cattail.pngCattail
  • Lilies.pngLilies
  • White Poppies.pngWhite Poppies
  • Pampas Grass.pngPampas Grass
  • Grasses.pngGrasses