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  • Download & Install the First Dawn Launcher by clicking here. Run the launcher (with admin rights), it should now begin to download any available updates.

Do not cancel this process. The launcher will also detect and install any required software.

  • When the launcher has finished installing all the required software, you may now click the "Play" button. This will open Razor, check your settings to be sure they match the pic below.

Click "Okay" and the First Dawn client will open.

  • your account name and password will be created with what you type in the fields for the first time.


  • After logging in, select the First Dawn shard by clicking the globe shown in the pic below.

Shard select.jpg

  • It is time to create your first character. You will have 5 options to chose from, it is not recommended using the "Advanced" option.

The next screen will be the character creation, here you should only type in your character's name then skip the other options and continue.

  • Your avatar (character) will now enter the world in a pre-built state. You must now customize your appearance and stats.

Character create2.jpg
Simply navigate left or right through the various options to change your characters values.

  • After customizing your characters appearance, you will now chose your stats.

Character create3.jpg
Here is a brief explanation of each stat.

  • Strength - Determines how much can be carried, amount of melee damage, and number of Hit Points(health)
  • Intelligence - Determines the amount of Mana a player has and can affect skills such as Magic.

The values shown above are only for example purposes, you may input any value you wish with the maximum of 50 and minimum of 5 per stat. You must use a total of 99 points to distribute between all 3 skills.

  • Now you will be shown a confirmations menu, allowing you to overlook your characters appearance and stats. If you would like to change any of those, simply press the "previous" button to go back.
  • Once you confirm your new character, you will be placed into the world and will be ready to start your adventure in First Dawn.

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