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Home at Last
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Author:  Velner [ Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:33 am ]
Post subject:  Home at Last

It was a cool, Spring day. I was heading to the park down the street from the office to enjoy a long lunch. It had been a long and bitter winter full of life's usual disappointments. Time outside was to be a brief respite from the lulls of life and the dulls of a modern existence.

The spring breeze brougth with it a strong sense of longing; memories of my days in Britannia. The adventures of just a few short years ago may as well have been a millenia ago.

"Where did that World, go?" I wondered. . .

As I nestled under a large oak tree to lay in the grass, the faces from those days raced through my mind: Splinta, Prodigalist, a lich, Bonfire, and even faces for which I could not place a name. And then the faces of my many sins came to mind; Razimus, Bad Karma, and Denaro. A flash of their blood on my blade and their treasures in my coffers flooded my mind.

"Perhaps I don't belong back in Britannia," I chuckled as my eyes drifted shut.

My eyes were closed no more than a few seconds when I felt a large burst of energy and heard what sounded like a jet flying very, very low. I opened my eyes to see the grass before me illuminated with a soft, blue glow. My heart lept with excitement.

"The Moongate!" I exclaimed as I looked up to see the distorted, blue portal hovering a foot above the ground casting its faint glow.

Without a thought, I lept to my feet and dove into the Moongate. The world behind me disappeared in a second and I was alive once more.

I emerged from the gate at the opening of a large plain stretching as far as I could see. At first glance, I could not see a single mark of civilization; no homes, no cities, not even a road. The wind whipped angrily over the plain and brought with it a great sense of emptiness. The world seemed so different, but very familiar. I knew I was definitely home in Britannia, even though I didn't recognize my surroundings.

"Where did everybody go?" I thought to myself as I scanned the horizon for some mark of the World I once knew.

I couldn't get my mind around all the possibilities for Britannia. Had a great evil come and eviscerated the land I once loved? Or had the passage of time simply widdled the world away?

At last, I spotted a tiny blotch on the horizon. It appeared to be a large fence; a sign of life. Determined to learn the fate of Britannia, I shook off my fears and took my first step into this world. A new adventure begins.


Author:  Draconis [ Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Home at Last

A warming welcome back friend.

I myself leaped my way into the same moongate many times. After many attempts to drift away from home, i decided to stay for good. My duties are in mass, responsibilities are heavy. I will never back down or give-up.

Im currently, the only developer left here. Im trying my best to keep everything alive, updating and growing. I been here since day 1 and ill be here until the end.

May your new travels bring you fortune and heartfelt memories!

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