First Dawn - Guide


Downloading & Connecting
Basic Hotkeys
World Map Atlas

Basic Hotkeys

  • ALT + P - Paperdoll
  • ALT + I - Invetory/Backpack
  • ALT + R - Radar/Map
  • ALT + J - Journal
  • ALT + O - Client Options
  • ALT + K - Skills Menu

World Map Atlas

We're sorry, the atlas map is under construction!


After a good nights sleep, filled with sweet dreams, you step out of the inn. You squint in the hot Britannian sun. Gazing out over the park of East Britain; a soothing summer breeze on your skin.
  With a hundred gold pieces in your pouch, and a good old Britannian breakfast of wheat bread, eggs and ham in your stomach, you feel strong, almost reborn. You feel the spirit of adventure calling to you from all four corners of the land.

Should you learn a trade? Should you go adventuring, seeking fame and fortune? Should you get a house and settle down? Should you learn about magic, and become a mighty sorcerer?
  Ideas are racing through your head as you take your first steps on the dew-kissed cobblestone.

This is the first dawn of your new life. And what a glorious life it shall be!

Combat explained

All the melee weapon skills are rolled into one, called "Melee". Archery and parrying needs to be practised seperately.
  You can equipt a traditional two-hand weapon (like a Battle Axe) together with a shield, but you'll have to equipt the weapon first, the shield second.

Magic works in a different way on First Dawn. No reagents are needed to cast spells. You can cast spells with a shield equipted, however, weapons will disarm into your backpack upon casting.

A unique feature on First Dawn is that you cast spells by uttering their mantras. For example Vas Flam or Mani. Mantras must be spelled correctly, and are case sensitive. So get those macros made!

Crafting explained

It's worth mentioning that there is no Skill Cap on First Dawn. You can GM every one of the skills.

Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Tailoring and Mining all work in the same way as they always have been in UO.
  However, Harvesting and Alchemy have their own special twists. Harvesting is the action of gathering plants, leaves and wood in the world. All of these are needed for crafting.

Alchemy works in a unique way, where you mix various ingredients in bowls, plates, pots and bottles. You stir, add liquids of various kind, and finally heat the concotion. Endless combinations exists, and you'll have to get creative with it, and learn from your fellow alchemists.

Interacting with the environment

Another unique feature on First Dawn is NPC interaction. Double clicking an NPC opens up a conversation with them, and you can see their portrait. You can gossip, find secrets and clues, find out about hidden quests, or simply buy and sell, all through the conversation menu.
  As time goes by, we will add more and more interesting conversations, and eventually the NPCs will almost seem lifelike. That is our goal an our vision.

You can rent a house in town. Just look for the gold-coin signs, found on various buildings all over Britain.
  Housing rules are a bit different here. For example, locking down items doesn't mean they're not stealable. They're simply unmovable.
Another thing about housing is the keys. If you should happen to lose your key, you can get a new one at the Locksmith, located due east of the Mage Shop.
  Double click the Locksmith, and when he asks you for 200 gold, drop it on him.


There are many dangerous and rewarding adventures to embark on. Going through great hardship, fighting your way to mighty bosses together with your friends. Finding secret passages that lead to unknown locations.
  Fighting the inhabitans of the lawless wilderness, each with their own danger and reward.

Let us give you a hint. Near the Sweet Dream's Inn (the starting location) is the Serpent Order guild house. If you say Randulf to Randulf Cohen, he will send you on a long adventure. Speaking to the NPCs of the adventure involves uttering their first name (case sensitive).

Good luck

We wish you luck on your travels, and sincerely hope you will enjoy First Dawn.

/Ilutzio & Draconis

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